Saturday, October 30, 2010

Last Day

Yesterday we drove the marathon course and it was it was definitely intimidating. Our guide joked that there was only 1 "hill"....1 "hill" that starts at about mile 7 and ends about mile 18. For most of the way the hill stays at a steady 4% grade, but there are a couple of sections were the grade increases to a pretty steep 7% grade. The race organizers continued to stress the importance of conserving energy and pacing slower then normal to avoid exhaustion on the hill. The good news is that the last 6 miles are a nice gradual downhill and the finish is inside the Olympic Stadium...the only sports stadium in the world that is constructed entirely out of marble.

Today, we spent the day visiting the breath taking Acropolis and shopping in the outside Plaka markets.
Tomorrow morning we leave for the race at 6:30 am, with the start expected to be at 9:00 am. I can't help but feeling a nervous excitement, and I hope I will be able to sleep tonight.

Wish me luck.


  1. Following your blog from NoCal... Break a leg!

  2. Run Col Skinner Run!!! Everyone is so proud of you.